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Using Gold as an Investment Vehicle

This post was put together by our resident marketer in Scottsdale. He also runs this number one marketing group.

It’s a very unique time of our financial lives right now. With the impending collapse of the United States dollar, many billionaires and millionaires are using a gold investment as a way to protect their assets and actually bet against losing.

What do I mean? Well, we may not see the US dollar (USD) completely collapse, but there has been a lot of turmoil over different kinds of supplies, supply and demand, and other countries buying up gold like madmen (China, for example).

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Marketing a Cosmetic Surgery Practice Online

Online marketing can feel like a huge, massive hurtle to jump over when you’re first getting into it. Most search agencies seem desperate to get new clients, guaranteeing the moon and not following through on their communication. Our best advice is to find good help.

Let’s say you’re a cosmetic practice that’s been around for awhile, maybe you’re listed on the AGRS plastic surgery resource, and want to rank for nose job reshaping 85250 and scottsdale facial lift surgery – that’s all well and great, and it’s awesome to have goals, but to show up for those plastic surgery terms in Google, you’re going to need to hire the right firm.

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Marketing Health Products Online

Marketing a product online takes three primary things: a website, a sales page and traffic to visit the sales page. Once you have that traffic, you’ll also need to tweak things, setup your sales funnel and then deal with fulfillment, but that’s a little ways down the road.

Let’s say you have a health supplement like yacon syrup. The pills are packaged and then labeled, which are your hard costs. From there, your websites is very important, so is SEO optimization. The next step is to pick your marketing platform.

Health products are marketed similarly to online colleges. A resource like CBCSSP health colleges can provide so much more information than previously. They can give info on colleges near Space City and even the suburbs of the windy city.

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Why Video is a Fast Growing Marketing Medium

Video has come a long, long way in a very short amount of time. Think of the first TV sets back in the day, they’ve gone from a primitive black and white box to a much flatter, smaller, crisper box with apps, Internet and more.

This is why video Phoenix, AZ SEO and other Phoenix search engine optimization marketing platforms are coming out now that are making a big impact on a company’s brand, image and identity. Companies like YouTube have blown up beyond belief, creating billion dollar companies very quickly.

When starting a search agency, it’s important to get your business model down quickly, so you know what you’re doing and can make changes to your plan (if necessary). Take this Phx search engine marketing co for example. Match, model and create.

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Can Marketing Be a Good Investment?

This is actually a few interesting question, because, when done right, marketing can essentially be a tool for pumping dollars back out of the equation. If you’re running a pay per click campaign for example, if you are in the right market and have the right product, as well as the knowledge to run that campaign, you can have everything in place to be putting one dollar in and getting two dollars back.

A 100% return? Heck, most anyone would do that, over and over and over again for those profits. So, yes, to answer the original question, marketing can be a wonderful investment (especially if you’re running a Phoenix SEO services campaign with SEO Satori), if you have the knowledge and expertise to make it work for you. Luminance did a poll and most people don’t actually view marketing as a financial investment (what a shame, right?).


How to Retire Early with the Help of 72t

So, things have changed, eh? Maybe you want to retire to the Keys and just enjoy yourself? Great, however, are you still under 59 1/2? Shoot, that means you can’t access your retirement accounts without a 10% early penalty, plus taxes.

Ah, but wait a minute, there’s actually something called the 72T rule which allows for early access to your retirement IRA or other investment device without having to pay the 10% early withdrawal fee. How does it work?

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